Nazgul SEK Operator Rubber Patch

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Frodo's stone in his hand glowed blue. That couldn't bode well! "BePo is near, comrades!" The Dannenröder Horn sounded loudly and everyone knew that the time had come.

But the Bepo was not alone. They faced a seemingly invincible force: the BFE Uruk Hai, well equipped and physically superior to the common Beponaut. Frodo knew the Uruk Hai from previous demonstrations and knew that once captured he would never return.

But another, far larger and more powerful phenomenon seemed to overshadow the Middle-earth Forest: the SEC Nazgul. They were once ordinary people, but drawn into the dark by the power of one rank, they serve the one ruler.

To Chief of Operations Sauron, one rank to enslave them, find them all, uniform them, and bind them forever!

Will Frodo manage to climb the Destiny Tree and hide Sauron's radio in the treetop?

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 13x5cm

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