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Hinged sleeve with RFID read protection for at least 4 credit, bank, access cards or ID cards in credit card format. The processed CRYPTALLOY shielding film blocks all common RFID frequencies and thus protects your digital privacy from data theft.
More and more check, credit, health insurance cards and the new ID card have an RFID radio chip. In order to prevent your personal data from being read out, Cryptalloy® foils have been incorporated into the wallet for the card compartments. This prevents reading when the stock exchanges are closed.
  • Highest RFID reading protection with TÜV-certified RFID blocking material CRYPTALLOY®
  • Shielding of all frequencies and suitable for all cards
  • 4 card slots
  • Elastic band for closing
  • Velcro surface
Dimensions: approx. 95 x 65 mm.
Weight: about 18g
What does RFID mean?
RFID is the abbreviation for "Radio Frequency Identification". With the help of radio technology, data can be transmitted without contact and without visual contact from a data carrier, the so-called transponder or tag, to an RFID reader (and possibly vice versa). The transponder is equipped with unique Data electronically programmed (silicon chip).
The RFID reader decodes the data stored in the transponder and, depending on the application, communicates it to an overriding host system. The so-called RFID chip is increasingly being built into cards and ID cards as a "read only" variant and facilitates payment or control processes, for example.
What are the dangers of the RFID chip?
RFID chips can be read with an appropriate reader at a remarkable speed. Neither touch nor visual contact is required and the radio waves pass through a large number of substances and materials. RFID readers are not very big and can easily be organized with the appropriate criminal energy. Then, for example, the data of bank and credit cards can be stolen "in passing".
How can you protect yourself?
Substances that block the radio waves - for example aluminum or stainless steel - offer read protection. Card sleeves made of these materials - and wallets, document cases and handbags that have a protective film built into them - offer reliable protection against unauthorized reading.
Tasmanian Tiger uses a CRYPTALLOY® film in all of its RFID block products. This offers maximum shielding in all relevant RFID frequency ranges (from 100 kHz to 4 GHz, i.e. low frequency range, high frequency range and ultra high frequency range). In addition, the protective film interferes with "radio traffic" by shifting the frequency. The functionality of the CRYPTALLOY® film has been tested and certified by TÜV Saarland.
The manufacturer of the foil, the company Kryptonics Technologies Munich, has now confirmed and certified Tasmanian Tiger the prescribed processing of the foil in all RFID block products. Tasmanian Tiger's RFID Block Series wallets, document holders and wallets are proven to offer 100% protection against data theft from radio-based readers.

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